5 Things COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Data Security

2020 has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the entire world has been unified in its struggle to get a handle on the challenges we face together. We have all had to embrace some new concepts that everyone is more than familiar with now to protect our health and wellbeing. What insights from COVID-19 … Read more

Engineering Firm Weathers Disasters of All Kinds with Carbonite

When you step out onto the glass floor of the Grand Canyon Sky Observatory, or peer up at the spire of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, you’re looking at Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin’s (RWDI) projects. The environmental and wind engineering company has consulted on some of the most iconic engineering projects … Read more

DRaaS & IT Resiliency in a Vacuum

It’s a warm fuzzy thought to think that when an event occurs it’s confined to a rudimentary issue and can be quickly identified and remediated. It’s even better to think that during the event the C-level executive outside of information systems had partitioned the budget in the previous year to achieve that resiliency and meet … Read more